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Construction Site Guards are required at different stages of demolition, build, or restoration..In many cases during these phases, the legal requirement to have a guard on-site may be mandated by different acts and regulations, if not simply as a matter of obligatory contractual insurance or due diligence issues.

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All Guard Nation Security’s Construction Site Guards receive mandatory legislated training in Worker Health & Safety Awareness, and Fire Watch. Guard Nation ensure that the Health and Safety Management Plan is being followed to guarantee the mitigation of risk and to protect the health and safety of workers and the public during construction.

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Construction sites present prime targets for thieves and vandals because of the valuable equipment that can be left on site after hours. GuardNation works with all stakeholders to implement an Emergency Response Plan that will address any of the following potential scenarios: fire, flood, environmental damage, personal injury or health incidents, earthquakes, sabotage, trespass, rock slides, protest activity, and other emergency situations that could happen during construction.

Additionally, threats from fire and water damage can be alleviated through the use of our mobile patrols, reducing property damage and improving health and safety checks on-site.

Guard Nation Security has the resources to protect these assets through a wide selection of specialized services, including:

Aviva Insurance summarized,”$46 million in equipment is stolen annually in Canada with $15 to $20 million of those losses in Ontario alone. An independent survey of 100 construction companies found they experienced an average of two thefts per year, with losses averaging $25,900 for licensed vehicles and $1,600 for tools…..” Read more

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