GuardNation provides fully licensed, independent, and impartial security consulting services that are flexible and adaptable to client needs. Services include consultation on risk assessment, strategy, tactics, implementation, and countermeasure initiatives

Security Risk Management

Security risks are complicated, ever-evolving, multi-dimensional, and oftentimes interconnected with other business units. Organizations can’t afford the siloed security practices of the past. Count on GuardNation to expertly balance your risk and vulnerability with your short, medium- and long-term objectives, your unique operational culture, and within established budgetary targets.



Operational Security Services

GuardNation’s expert tacticians are always ready to directly safeguard your people, facilities, confidential information, and brand reputation when they’re at risk or being threatened.

GuardNation specializes in immediately and swiftly safeguarding your most valuable assets—your people, property, and brand or reputation—from threats of any kind, utilizing expert practitioners, advanced technology solutions, and proven strategy.

Supply Chain Risk Management Service

GuardNation can assist organizations in the review and assessment of existing security measures or develop a comprehensive supply chain security program to identify and mitigate unique risk environments and threat landscapes.

Augmenting our professional expertise is a suite of modern technology tools to provide the most comprehensive risk management solutions.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted global supply chain networks in unprecedented ways. The virus’ business impacts build upon other major supply chain challenges, such as geopolitical uncertainty, regulatory changes, supply chain reconfigurations and an increase in the number of natural disasters..

In a recent report, the VPD also noticed a “significant increase in break-ins at commercial properties (47.9 percent), likely in part due to businesses being closed earlier in the COVID-19 pandemic….” Read more

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