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Do you need a Security Guard License?

In British Columbia, Security Services Act mandates a requirement of a valid Security Worker License.

How I can Get a Security Guard License in BC?

The first and foremost step to getting your security guard license is completing the required Basic Security Training (BST). After completing BST, the application to get a security guard license must be submitted to the Security Programs Division.

The basic requirements other than those listed above are :

  • The minimum age of 19 is a must to apply for a security worker license.
  • And, you must be fluent in the English language and must be able to communicate with the public, write reports and read.
  • Proof of Canadian citizenship or residence (Canadian birth certificate, Canadian passport, permanent residence card).
  • Government-issued photo ID (driving license, BC ID, BC Service ID, photo ID, or photo ID from another country) is needed.
Where can I get Basic Security Training (BST)?

You have to complete a 40-hour training course and then write a final exam. BST training module  available both at school and online

BST 40- hour training module can be completed  at one of the following institutes:

After completing this course, you will have to pass a 100 question online exam at JIBC. Click Here to learn more about registering for a final exam. 

If you have completed BST certification, what are you going to do next?

Considering you have completed BST training and successfully completed the BSTOnline exam, the next step is to submit your application to the Security Programs Division of BC. If you meet all the basic requirements, then you can submit your application online.

How much does it cost to become a Security Guard?

The total cost to become a licensed security guard is about $350-$525

40 hour BST ($150 to $ 315).

JIBC BST final exam ($60)

Security Programs Division application Fees ($75-$85)

Fingerprinting   $60

I have a valid Security Guard License , how I can find a job?

If you’re interested in opportunities that could lead to a career in the security or training field, check out the Guard Nation’s  Careers portal for current job opportunities.

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